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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  June 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at mcdonald's, chevrons, michaels, anywhere. i just want to work. anything. because it is to the point where if i don't do anything, then i'm looking at homelessness >> her son is in child care while she looks for work. she says the state paid $800 per month but with the new budget deal she will need to pay that out of pocket. advocates say that she is just one of 6000 california kids who could lose that child-care subsidy >> we know that for the youngest and oldest and the poorest, there is no safety net >> democratic legislative leaders say it was the only way to make a deal with governor brown >> we do the very best we can to balance and minimize impact and harm. don't like any of it, these are sober decisions >> the new cuts announced
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include an 8.7 percent cut to child care subsidies, it reduces the cal works program from for years to two years and eliminates the healthy families medical insurance program for low-income kids and fold them into the medi-cal system and gives fewer grants to college students by cutting cal grants >> families in poverty that represent more than 1 million children in the program will have less opportunity to get out of poverty >> they will formally vote come tuesday. they still have a lot of work left before the july 4th summer break. two of the issues they're facing our high-speed rail and pension reform. >> and out of control car struck and killed a man at a mountain view bus stop this morning. witnesses say the gray car appeared to be speeding and ran a red light at california street. seconds later a car went off the road and hit the man. neighbors say it is a dangerous
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intersection. >> we know that this intersection is very busy. six months ago right here there was an accident and a car went through the wall right here. >> police have interviewed the driver but have not released his name. neighbors say he often took the bus and used that stop. emotional confrontation at superior county court disrupted the assault trial of william lynch. len ramirez details the dramatic turn of events. >> tears and hugs outside the halls of justice after bailiffs ejected two women from the building following a brief physical and verbal confrontation. >> the priest came out of the elevator and the people who he accosted were there and they wanted to let him know they had power and they were no longer afraid of him.
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it wanted to get their piece out >> ejected were amanda lynch, the sister of the defendant and debbie lucas he says the father abused her when she was a girl's >> it is completely understandable that a woman who was raped and tortured over a period of over 10 years would have an outburst when confronted for the first time with a man who had abused her. >> inside the courtroom and unrelated, the judge dismissed the jury until monday without saying why. william lynch is on trial for beating up his former priest at a jazz with a retirement home. lynch has accused him of molesting him and his brother on a church camping trip when they were four and seven years old. legal analysts say the postponement could have to do with the allegation that the father perjured himself yesterday when he denied molesting lynch and his brother. in her opening statement the prosecutor told the jury that lynched beat him as revenge and that the father would probably
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lie about it when called to the witness stand >> perjury is a very serious charge and while the statute of limitations has run on child molestation, it has not on perjury and the person who might be going to jail his father winter. the jury will not be back in court until at least monday. the judge and others will be meeting in private chambers to go over issues. >> a judge is telling a gamble woman she have to stay away from nordstrom's in pleasanton. if 46 rolled pleaded not no contest to child endangerment after leaving her twin 11 week old babies in a car while she went shopping at stone ridge mall in february. we are told the boys and little girl were not hurt. officers in oakland are crediting a man on walking his dog for helping them to nab a robbery suspect. he witnessed an attack on an elderly woman and decided he
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could not stand by to do nothing. >> it really is remarkable, not once but three times here in the city of oakland, citizens have stood up to the bad guys and said stop, quit running the city. >> it is not much of a decision when you live in oakland and the bay area, the police cannot do it all, you have to help in your own spot, where you live >> that is how robnett describes what he was thinking monday morning when he was walking his dog and he sought a robber strike at this arco gas station. >> it is such a wimpy act to attack in 90 year-old woman. it made me sick, i have seen a lot of violence but i have never seen a woman like that just tackled and thrown aside like that >> in 90 year-old woman asking
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for directions was mugged so he jumped into the woman's car and with her in the passenger seat chase down the krupp. >> for a while, yes, it was a fight and it was going a lot longer than it should have. to me the heroes were the cops you came and got me out of the situation that was getting more and more violent as time was going on, so, hearing their radios was like super relief >> this is encouraging >> and oakland's police spokesman cautions people thinking about confronting bad guys to take care of themselves first. still she says the outbreak of goods americans should make oakland proud >> all of the citizens were male citizens who came to the of women in distressed and said, this is not acceptable and i will do something about it >> do you think you could do something like that? >> if it happened to someone and
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i felt like i had had enough guts to do it, yes, but i don't know, i could be scared, i just don't know >> i think it is awesome, good for him. >> in all there were three cases of good samaritans monday morning. we had one where a jogger track down a robber and a third case right here on international boulevard right near the free build bart station. in all three of those cases, the good samaritans did not even know the victims in the cases, they just did it because they thought it was the right thing to do. >> we got an up close look today at the wreckage caused by the fire at pier 29. it is not clear what started it but there is good news for organizers of the america's cup which is being planned around that site. mike sugarman on the aftermath of the fire.
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>> laporte made two promises today, first that the pier will be returned to its glory and to,. heavily protected crews finish the job of the fire started yesterday on the historic facades of pier 29. mocking it down piece by piece now that engineers have shored up appear in the term and is in no danger collapsing >> this is the point of origin of the fire >> the fire lt. showed us how investigators believed it spread so quickly up a nearly 100 year- old post to the roof and from there, it went up in smoke, $2.3 million worth >> there were some workers doing some work in the area, but there
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is at an electrical supply here also >> which is why it no exact cause has been determined. inside the shed, there was so, broken fixtures, standing water, and charred rubble but apparently nothing that can't be fixed >> in majority of the property is completely fine and basically untouched >> it didn't look so good yesterday with water gushing down from the roof. america's cup does not seem to be a problem >> we will go in and reconstruct the peers of by the time the race comes in 2013, i'm sure it will look beautiful. >> rene martin says the pier was set to be used for office storage and parking space although it will also house a food court. the historic facade that is now just a memory, another promise to bring it back to its original state.
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>> i'm sure we will do everything in our power to make sure it is restored >> including no doubt a new flag that replaces the one that was burnt out. >> decide what is officially closed because of danger but guards went home about 5:00. did anyone tell you you cannot walk here? no. they went home at 5:00. i think it has to do with overtime but is really dangerous were these people are walking right next to cars. i don't know. someone ought to call the city and tell them that this is officially closed and they ought to stop people because it was working for part of the day but at 5:00 they go home and people are walking here and it is pretty dangerous. >> i think you're doing a pretty good job, you should stick around. >> are not getting overtime
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either. here are some people walking in this street, no one is telling them they cannot do it >> laydown loss >> on not going to do that. >> a new store might be on its way to an east bay community. why the mystery tendon is causing quite a stir >> a deadly mystery it under the sea and sea otters are paying the price. why one of the biggest threats to them is something,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the future over a prime piece of property in the east bay is shrouded in mystery. right now a richmond building at san pablo and mcdonald sits
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empty. no one is talking about who the new tenant will be. that has some neighbors worried. >> at the busy intersection of mcdonald and san pablo in richmond, an old supermarket sits vacant. the building's owner has applied for a permit to remodel and operate a large grocery store because planning commissioners are not being told to wants to move in year. >> there were some that said >> plans and drawings have been submitted for design and environmental review but so far >> the landowner is not saying who with the operator will be and the neighborhood is concerned could be wal-mart. if it was trader joe's or whole foods they have no problem >> omar usually faces opposition when it opens anything. a lot of people just don't like the way they do business.
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mitchell lives three blocks and says he will like to be able to walk to a grocery store but not a wal-mart >> we're asking for the very best, we are looking for something that is not from our perspective the worst use of the place. >> environmental reviews are often used as a roadblock to unpopular projects and there is speculation that a developer might be seeking approval before wal-mart's name is attached to the proposal but again, the name wal-mart has only been used by those who oppose it >> the developer would like us to assume the best and we have to assume the worst >> so far in wal-mart won't confirm or deny involvement and neither will the landowner but it should make for interesting discussion when the address the proposal at tonight's planning commission meeting. >> other bay area headlines, a house fire in berkeley killed one woman and injured two others. it happened overnight on marina
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street. the woman was apparently pulled from the attic but did not survive. one of the injured suffered minor burns and the other, smoke inhalation. the west nile virus has been detected in a bird in san mateo county for the first time this year. a dead bird that was picked up in woodside last week as tested positive. the west nile virus can be spread by mosquito bites. >> it is an accessory millions of women never leave home without, the dangers discovery found in some purses and wallets >> something mysterious is ,,,,
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starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> california sea otters, are
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facing a mystery threat. after a decade of steady recovery their numbers have dropped again. what is so worrisome is that the health of sea otters and mirrors the overall health of our coast >> near moss landing, they look like clumps of kelp but on closer look prc otters the >> it is an animal totally unique to california. >> once hunted to the point of extinction, the lawn now protect them but even so >> in the best of circumstances there on the razor's edge >> the california sea otters are the comeback kids of the coast with their population recovering but now, a shift. for two years in a row their numbers have taken a dive. a group of investigators joined forces, among them dr. melissa miller with the state department of fish and game. she autopsy's dead otters found along the coast.
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>> at the monterey bay aquarium were stranded daughters find sanctuary >> the blood sampling is the same >> the scientists are uncovering not only one but a variety of threats >> unless he was biting the shark that was biting in >> not long ago the doctor examined one dozen dead sea lions brought in with bright gums and redeyes >> even an animal that had just died, what i would notice is that the liver would fall apart in my hands >> he discovered how toxic algae found in a nearby fresh water lake at work its way into the coastal she water and into the shellfish, serving up a poisonous snack >> it can kill animals within one to two days >> it is nourished by agricultural runoff >> the biggest problem is how we manage water resources on land >> a parasite called toxoplasma
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commonly found in half, house cats was ending up in sea otters, ravaging their brains >> somehow he gets from cat feces into the coast where is somehow existing in the water in sufficient levels to infect sea otters >> in an experiment using her harmless, it the doctors discovered it can zip through fresh water but when they reached saltwater they sink to the bottom end up in the shellfish >> there are specific areas where they are basically high- risk for otters >> the problem is greatest in areas where wetlands are damaged or destroyed. what land vegetation prevents the parasite from reaching coastland water >> wherever and whenever possible the few remaining healthy wetlands we have should be concerned >> otters are wonderful indicator of this system >> dr. mike murray is involved in several studies
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>> evaluates carbon and nitrogen isotopes and based on that can give us a prediction of what the animal was eating >> what the ec says is of utmost importance. if otters eat sea urchins of the sea urchins will be kept in check which keeps the kelp forest in health which is important for marine life >> if we lose this, things will change dramatically and not change for the better >> all three scientists remind us how otters are not the only creatures to live in eat along the california coast. >> the experts ask that if you own a cat, keep it indoors so it doesn't eat birds or rodents infected with that parasite. don't flush kitty litter. reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides and want to plant
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more vegetation in cities which should help filter problems before they get to the coastal waters >> dogs can be good for your family in more ways than you might expect. a new study from uc san francisco shows that having a dog can protect people from certain infections, asthma, and the common cold. the experiments were done on mice but researchers say the results apply to people. >> elisabeth has the latest forecast for us >> this morning it was so cold, it warmed up a little bit by this afternoon but temperatures are still on the cold side. some area saw temperatures 20- 30 degrees cooler. temperatures out the door right now, 64 in concord. upper 50s in oakland and 66 degrees in san jose.
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overnight tonight the fog will continue to move in and temperatures will mainly be in the upper 40's to the low fifties. a similar story for tomorrow, for friday, and we have a chance of showers mainly in the north bay by the afternoon and temperatures along the coast will be in the upper 50s to squeezing out a few low 70's. here is future cast, you can see the rain heading our way. it will be like rain so anything we get will not be much but by midafternoon is when we expected and should be completely gone by the evening. we do not expected to go any further south than the golden gate. a lot of fifties, 52 in oakland, 53 in concord, and we should be in the upper '40's and santa rosa and napa. unseasonably cold, about 10 to 15 degrees below average for late june. 73 in vallejo and 70 degrees
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expected in concord. over the next several days, a chance of rain showers just in the north pay for tomorrow. a similar story saturday. it should be much warmer by the middle of next week. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney woos the hispanic voters. what he said today about the nation's immigration policy. >> teased by students and it was posted online. now her supporters are doing something really nice for her. the amazing gift given to a bullied bus monitor. >> with bandages on his head and bruises on his face, george zi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney made his first big push the court latino voters today. cbs reporter taryn merger with his stance on the key issue,
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immigration. >> speaking to latino leaders, mitt romney addressed one of the central issues on the campaign >> immigration reform is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic necessity >> his tone was less confrontational than in some of his past speeches >> we can find common ground here and we have got to >> this was his first speech in front of a large latino audience since the president announced the change in policy toward under illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children >> effective immediately the department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from the on people >> mitt romney called the president's actions political >> he failed to act until facing a tough reelection >> white house officials said the president made the change because congress failed to pass the dream act which would allow some young illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. and they also
6:30 pm
pointed out that mitt romney is against it as well >> we have a situation where the nominee of the republican party, the head of that party at this point, has said he would veto the act >> both romney and the president are courting latino voters in florida. the president has a small lead among those voters, four points, according to a new poll. he will address the same group of leaders friday. >> commerce secretary john bryson is stepping down. he suffered an apparent seizure last week. he was involved in two traffic accidents including an alleged hit and run in the l.a. area. officials say the 60 year-old has limited recall of the event. he made his resignation official in a letter to the president yesterday. stocks got hammered following several weak economic reports. the dow dropped 250 points.
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google shareholders voted in favor of an unusual stock split today. founders larry page and a survey brand designed a plan to protect their controlling shares in the company. they started google in 1998 while graduate students at stanford. it creates a group of non- voting stock. the split will not be official until after a pending shareholder lawsuit is settled. >> broadcast television networks are getting a break from fcc restrictions thanks to a supreme court ruling >> mild swearing and some nudity has been met with heavy fines for several years but the high court ruled that the fcc did not give broadcasters enough notice before the crackdown and their policy was inconsistent. a ruling on president obama's health-care law has been pushed back to next week. >> one of jerry's sandusky's adopted sun's claims the former
6:32 pm
football coach abused him. jurors have already begun to deliberate. prosecutors say he met and sex abuse victims through his charity organization. a lawyer for one of the six adopted children issued a statement today saying that the 33 year-old was ready to testify about his own experience at his father's trial. they did not call him to the stand. george zimmerman lawyers have released never before seen video of the neighborhood watch volunteer reenacting that night he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> he said the you have a problem and i said no >> this is george zimmerman telling his side of the story. defense attorneys released police interviews recorded the day after he shot and killed 17 year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman says that martin was the aggressor.
6:33 pm
>> zimmerman went with police to the scene of the shooting in san from florida with bandages still on his nose and the back of his head. he said he fell on his back after martin punched him and got on top of him. >> it felt like my head would explode and i thought i would lose consciousness >> he claims he tried to get away and was screaming for help but says he noticed martin notice they got under his jacket. >> he looked at it and said he will dine tonight and you reached for it, i felt his arm going to my side and i grabbed my firearm and shot him one time >> zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, says the incident started when he spotted martin and called police to report a suspicious person. he then and looking for the teenager which led to the confrontation. he says he didn't realize martin had been shot >> i didn't think i hit him because he sat up and said you got me >> he has pleaded not guilty to
6:34 pm
second-degree murder charges and is being held in a sanford jail. >> a school bus monitor who was bullied by student says she doesn't want the kids to face criminal charges. seventh grade students in upstate new york were caught on video verbally abusing a 68 year-old karen klein. there was an outpouring of support for her. she was commended for keeping her cool and she says the words hurt her. >> something about me being so fat and ugly my kids would commit suicide. i don't think they knew that my son had committed suicide >> the school has identified all the boys involved and are pursuing disciplinary action. so far klein has received more than $350,000 of donations. >> flash flooding turned streets into surging rivers wreaking havoc in northeastern minnesota.
6:35 pm
cars like this one stuck in the flash flooding or some of them have fallen into sinkholes where the road used to be. people living in duluth say the damage was worse than anything they had ever seen before. in washington, empty bottles, broken paddles, a section of house and even a buoy. just some of the debris washed up on the coast believe to be debris from the deadly tsunami. a group of kayakers discovered it on a beach in northwestern washington. and on display with a purpose that our nation's capital. 857 empty school desks sit on the national mall. they represent the number of students across the country who are dropping out every hour of every school day. a nonprofit is calling on the presidential candidates to make education more prominent issue in their campaigns. >> one of the three kidnappers
6:36 pm
has been released after 34 years in prison. richard and his brother james and fred woods kidnapped a bus full of killing school children in the '70s. he was released on parole yesterday. an appeals court ordered his release saying that the parole date of 2021 was unfairly said. >> you might want to think twice before buying some of this season's hottest necessities. season's hottest necessities. years,,,,,,
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>> the web site link in is facing a big lawsuit over a recent security breach. earlier this month the company reported 6 million user passwords were compromised. a woman in illinois and wants
6:39 pm
class-action status for her claim. it says that security did not comply with industry standards. leak in says no member counts were breached and the lawsuit is frivolous. >> colorful accessories are in style but some heavy dangerous side. two years after accessory makers agreed to restrict limits of lead in their products, it is still turning up in purses and wallets. jolie watts explains. >> their colorful, stylish, and according to watchdog group, a dangerous. the center for environmental health tested 300 brightly colored women's purses and wallets purchased in bay area stores and found that 15 percent contained a dangerously high levels of lead. >> adults who are exposed to lead risk increase levels of heart attack, stroke, and other serious problems. >> the group says the problem
6:40 pm
lies in the pigment used to color of the purses of >> ones with synthetic leather were more likely to have it and those that have dies like yellow or red or green were also more likely. >> each of these contains 30 times the acceptable level of lead. this yellow clutch from tory burch was nearly off the charts with 200 times the limit. it was purchased at neiman- marcus. >> we found these bags to contain lead from discount stores to high-end stores. >> michael green says the item should not be on the shelves in the first place. two years ago more than 200 stores and manufacturers agreed to stop making these items with unsafe levels of lead. they all know the deal and they all have agreed so the fact that some many of them have not solve the problem, we just don't get it. >> environmental scientists
6:41 pm
recommend sticking with fabrics that don't contain dyes is >> this is a follow-up study to one done three years ago and the good news is that overall the level of lead is way down concern is that there are still many on the market and even high-end retailers. if your concern, at the environmental working group will test your items for free. go to cbs s.f. dot com for more information >> was a start this summer, cloudy with cool skies today and now a chance of rain for tomorrow. a look at the 7 day forecast is coming up >> the a's go for a sweep against the dodgers. again[ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>> oakland city hall is in an uproar over an admission that their public safety policy is a mathematical mess. the mayor's chief of staff has told the oakland tribune that the numbers on the so-called 100
6:45 pm
block program are just wrong. >> along with a soaring crime rate, of oakland now appears to be a victim of some fuzzy math. for months the mayor has been pushing a plan to vote the city's limited police resources to 100 blocks with the worst crime rates. over and over four months she has made the declaration that almost all of the shootings and homicides happen within those 100 blocks of >> in 100 blocks over 92 percent of the murders have happened over the last five years >> really? know. because as we reported last week, and outside nonpartisan agency took a close look at those numbers and came up with an explosive conclusion that only 17 percent of the shootings and murders were within those 100 blocks. the mayor's office immediately put out some spin saying those numbers couldn't be true because
6:46 pm
they didn't have the right steps. now the mayor's office says it has taken another look at the numbers and they say 50 percent of the homicides and 42 percent of the shootings are within those 100 blocks but that is still well short of the 92% the mayor has been touting to the public. the city now says they are trying to figure out just how they got it so wrong. none of the mayor's staff would talk on camera >> it would be nice to look at these numbers again that the mayor is putting out and come back with another report. >> some city council members who have been asking about the numbers feel vindicated >> we have people on staff doing their best and it is their responsibility. they should come forward in front of the public and say, we tried this and it didn't work and for whatever reason we provided wrong information >> somebody needs to be a mathematician
6:47 pm
>> she says her neighborhood was not in the 100 blocks and now she wants some answers >> just figure it out and tell us the truth. we can handle the truth. >> joe vasquez reporting from oakland tonight >> a rare hat shaped cloud appeared near mount fuji. it is called a hanging cloud. if occurs when the wind around mount fuji increases but experts say these clouds rarely appeared this time of year. they say it disappeared after about 13 minutes. >> first we started off with sun and warm weather and now you say it might rain? >> that warm weather was so yesterday. it is cold and cloudy and the clouds will continue to move in overnight. we will see some areas of patchy fog as well.
6:48 pm
temperatures are mainly in the '50s and '60s. 70 degrees in santa rosa. 62 in livermore and 63 in concord. patchy fog is expected especially along the coast. loews are mainly in the upper '40's to very low fifties. tomorrow, a similar story. temperatures are unseasonable for this time of year, definitely below average by 10 or 15 degrees. a chance of showers mainly in the north bay by the afternoon. we will show you what is going on, you will see the clouds moving in from the coast heading our way and it will continue to be cloudy overnight. you can see by ron around noon, that is when we see some light
6:49 pm
rain. not much and it should be gone completely by friday evening but we do have a chance of rain in the forecast mainly north of the golden gate. 52 in oakland, 49 in santa rosa and about 54 degrees if you are out in the fairfield area. tomorrow, a little bit on the cooler side with more clouds. around the bay, mainly in the mid-60s. 60 degrees in san francisco and a little bit warmer. we will struggle to reach the low '70's in the warm spots. a quick look at the forecast over seven days, a chance of rain in the north pay for tomorrow but otherwise, try cloudy skies. sunday we will see a slight increase in the temperatures and by the middle of next week we start to see the warming trend, especially in the inland areas. that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> when the giants cut kravis blackly in mid may the a's pounced on him and today he came
6:53 pm
through with his best game. mark ellis is still a fan favorite but injuries kept him on the bench. blackly gives up his only run. the game is tied at one but blackly was brilliant. a career high 6 strikeouts through eight innings. he was not around to get the win which came in the bottom of the ninth. >> a 3 run markoff on rylan and a's sweep the dodgers >> 83 run markoff home run. the a's win 4-1 allowing only three hits for the dodgers who came in with the league's best record. the a's are two games under 500. david ortiz has home run in his last three games the red sox
6:54 pm
clubhouse was called toxic by one reporter >> look around, looked around. lange here, you know, it used to be so much fun and now every day is something new. people need to leave alone and let us do what we know how to do >> do you mean the media or the fans or what people? >> let me ask you a question, who came out with the news a couple of days ago, the fans or the media? >> media >> thank you >> rinaldo is feeling the pressure of a whole country on his shoulders as portugal takes on the czech republic. he shines on soccer's biggest stage. portugal winds 1-0 and they will play the winner between france and spain. no vacation for simpson
6:55 pm
following his u.s. open win in san francisco. he is to off the lead at the travelers championship. watson didn't make the cut. in eagle lands on 10. david mathis who is 6 under and also had a hole in one today leads. nascar is coming into sonoma as we speak. 43 drivers competing on one of the toughest tracks where road rage is cane. what to be so tough about that racecourse? the toyota save mart 350 got off to a fast start when we got a head up close look at how a pro driver handles sonoma raceway. you are about to go out there and show me what they're doing >> i'm looking forward to taking you for a ride and i heard that you ride bulls. i will give the car to you and let you try it out
6:56 pm
>> really? if i'm going to do that, give me some advice >> just slow down and don't overdrive and be very sensitive with the throttle as you exit >> can i ask a really stupid question, how do i start this car? i'm getting ready for current one, so let me see if i can handle it. here is turn no. 2, i will give it a little bit of gas because we're slowing down coming in to the turn, here we go. >> it looks like he is a little sideways, up to third gear so he has actually been shifting pretty well for the first time.
6:57 pm
>> here he comes! >> now i'm coming into victory lane, if i could be in the daytona 500! >> what did you think? >> between 1-10? >> i will give you an 8.9 or a 9.2. really nice job >> i have a new respect for these guys. the defending champion will be dale earnhardt jr.. he'd won last week. >> you didn't wreck the car or anything >> i didn't blow the >> i didn't blow the transmission!,, discover british columbia.
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